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This phrase is so true you can all see it every time you are in the pits. Just look around. There teams that are struggling to work on the car to get it on the track and others just double checking all ready to go. The fine line of winning is how prepared are you on race day. Remember, you got into this sport dreaming of winning. How you would celebrate and the feeling of being on top that night. Well it all begins right there in your shop no matter what size.

First, you need to make a weekly check list of what your crew needs to complete. Just like a work schedule. Make everyone accountable. On your check list list out the different sections and make sure there is a place to either check it off or initial that the work is completed, so no one is doing the job twice or even worse not even doing it.

Second, plan out your week. We all have jobs, families and honestly the clock on the wall is not our friend. There is never enough time. Planning out your week will keep you on track.

Third, make two other forms. One is damaged report. This is easy. While inspecting the car write down if you see oil or nuts loose or anything not right on your car. The other form is a shopping list. This is were you put down parts needed or that you used out of your inventory to replace or upgrade.

Fourth, make sure your set up sheet from the prior week is filled out. This is the heartbeat of your operation.

Now that this is all ready it is time to go to work. Place all the sheets on the wall or in a book so everyone can record any findings. Always check your set up sheet from the prior week as you work on your car. It will give you the base line of what you changed at the track or in the shop to see if it worked or it just slowed you down. All drivers and teams are different in how they reach for that checkered flag, so lets find your way to the winners circle.